Ivan’s Apprentice Day at WVVA News!


Ivan’s Apprentice Day at WVVA News!

On May 17th, 2018, Greenbrier County WV student, Ivan Polk had an apprentice day with WVVA Chief Meteorologist, Katherine Collins for an apprentice day. Located in Bluefield, WV, WVVA is a news station serving the Two Virginias and they cover a large part of southern West Virginia and SW Virginia.

Ivan started his apprentice day with a tour of the WVVA facility. He then observed a staff meeting run by Kenneth White, News Director. Topics included D-Day and John F. Kennedy.

Katherine then quizzed Ivan on his knowledge of weather tools. She discussed the National Weather Service, which is located near Blacksburg. She then explained local weather reporting and how she gathers data from two weather centers (Charleston and Blacksburg). Katherine also discussed the concept of European model vs. American model.

Ivan was then able to go in the studio and watch Katherine and co-anchor Joshua Bolden report the morning news.

This apprentice day exposed Ivan to understand how to use a variety of scientific techniques to understand, interpret, and observe and predict the earth’s atmosphere and its phenomena. He also learned ways to study the earth’s atmosphere – particularly climate and weather. Ivan was also able to understand the qualifications and training required to become a meteorologist. Meteorologist Katherine Collins was able to help Ivan understand the skills of this position including the analytical, team-working, interpersonal, written and oral communication, genuine interest in weather systems, problem-solving, mathematical abilities, and computer literacy.

We give sincere thanks to Katherine Collins with the WVVA Weather Team for taking the time to show Ivan the Meteorology industry.

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