Mission and Values

Our Mission

Apprentice Network, Inc.’s (ANi) mission is to lead young people to educational persistence and a well informed and charted path towards work-readiness and meaningful employment aimed at getting them prepared to enter a career trajectory.

Organizational Overview

ANi is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, providing out-of-school work-readiness and employability education, experience, training, and support for West Virginia youth ages 6 to 21. The ANi Career Development Framework incorporates best-in-class models and fosters early-development of a path toward meaningful employment to fill the apprenticeship, internship, early-to-work, and college/university pipelines.

The ANi Formula: Life Design + Career Strategies + Work Experience = Ready4Work. Working with youth ages 6-21, we are dedicated to developing West Virginia’s future workforce. By exposing students to a vocation of interest, the organization’s ultimate purpose is to:

  • Introduce West Virginia youth to career opportunities by implementing career readiness programming and job shadowing opportunities.
  • Provide youth, ages 6-21, the opportunity to develop skills in a career path they find meaningful and financially stable.
  • Build social capital through navigators and fellowships.
  • Foster closer connections between current employers and the future workforce.

Our History

Apprentice Network, Inc., formerly known as Apprentice Day, Inc. began during a walk in the park, when Christina Entenmann’s six-year-old son, Troy, asked her, “What does the mayor do all day? Can I go see what he does?” Christina began searching for a program that would connect Troy to job shadowing opportunities, but found nothing. Undeterred, she and Troy dreamt up their own solution and in 2015, the Apprentice Day program was born to connect Troy, and all kids, to their career opportunities across the mountain state.

Between 2015 and 2019, the organization provided 305 youth with one-day job shadowing opportunities to 39 companies. In 2019, the organization developed the Apprentice Network Youth Career Development Framework, expanding its offerings to include work readiness and employability skills building. The name was changed from Apprentice Day, Inc. to Apprentice Network, Inc. to better fit the organization’s new focus.

Providing youth with the ANi Formula: Life Design + Career Strategies + Work Experience = Ready4Work intends to achieve impact in both the short and long-term.