Volunteer Form

Create Purpose Through Volunteering:

Apprentice Network, Inc. (ANI) offers West Virginian youth an unparalleled chance to learn from business leaders across the state! Through organizing and executing events, we support our volunteers to enable the Youth Apprentices within a fun and far-reaching community social circle of mentors, role models and newly discovered career paths that can ignite and strengthen imagination and ambition to everyone involved.

By supporting this effort, you are offering a dynamic platform to empower youth to become our next leaders.

“I volunteered at the Greenbrier Resort during an apprentice day in 2015. I loved taking photos while getting to know the kids, parents, and hotel staff. It was so amazing to see kids work their dream jobs and I was so happy to be involved!” – Travis Farley, Employer w/ Travis Farley Design and Volunteer (pictured above left)

“I just love to see the kids get excited and get involved. This program is so good, especially for high school students.” – Katie Ickes, President, Vis Ability, LLC. (pictured above right)

How you can Volunteer:

  • Spread the word!!! Tell your friends, co-workers, family about our free program. Help us recruit employers, donors, and Apprentice Network Youth Apprentices (ANYAs)!
  • Organize and execute events
    • Notify schools about upcoming apprentice day events
    • Contact students to confirm their apprenticeships
  • Work an Apprentice Day!
    • Meet and greet apprentices at employer locations
    • Help guide them through the day
    • Take photos and/or video that we can use to get the word out!
  • Host a Workshop!
  • Host an Apprentice Day!
  • Become an Apprentice Network Youth Navigator
  • Volunteer for Apprentice Network Fundraising event(s)!